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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 1, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thank you for waking up with us on thursday morning. would you ask if i can have a good forecast. i have been asking for that. well, thank you. i defer to him. we have a pattern change. some sun on the coast. 60s and 70s. traffic is moving along you from driving on the bridge you can see it is good. the sunol grade looks good as
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well. a fire in. we have more from the fire scene which is on clay street. a stand went up. and this cabinet here and where they were stored. the fire did not separate to the rest of the building but the people. people arrived after 3:00 this morning. the chief said that a bunch of shirts were burned and the front gate was damage damaged. and firefighters say it was a challenge to get in because once they did they hustled everyone out of the building. >> and what sparked the fire. >> we investigated it. and it is undetermined. they had cords for power for
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the stand. we're not sure. >> and you can see all of the rubbed here. it could have been force. and 5:01. and investigating a deadly shooting. the body of a victim was found admit night. no word about a suspect. we have developing news of a deadly shooting last night. we're live to tell us about the shooting victims and a possible get-away car. >> reporter: the police are in the early stages of the investigation. they have been out in the field all night trying to get to the bottom of this. we're at delta fair and this
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area is still shut down to traffic (loss of audio). >> reporter: and the last half hour. >> we have some technical problems. are you with us. we have a technical problem. we'll get back and bring you details on what happened. and now to coverage. and it is ticking to the strike deadline. and contract talks resume later this morning and what is expected to be a critical day. a long day ended at 9:30 last night. and there were reports of progress made on issues but it
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appears that the two sides are far apart on the main issues of salary, benefits and worker safety. the union leaders admit that time is running out to reach a deal. >> we have four days and real bargaining. there should be concern. >> you stayed later than yet. what does it indicate about the way the talks are going. >> ask the mediators. they are controlling it. ask them. >> this is a critical day in the bart labor dispute. workers will hold a rally this afternoon. the union leaders say they will issue a strike notice if there are no developments in today's negotiations. and that's the strike notice that could come today and tomorrow morning. for any change in the talks can you receive alerts. can you follow us on twitter and can you like us on facebook or down load the app we'll let you know when it happens. >> the threat of a second
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strike comes as a transit agency is dealing with another problem. the crime rate around the stations is rising. and it released new stats showing a strike in violent crimes and thefts that at bart stations. it is due to the record rider ship. and the thefts of iphones and other dee vies that's a growing problem for all mass transit agencies. and now a suspect in custody for a beating that happened tuesday. an arrest was confirmed. we'll get more details laterred too. the victim is recovering after his hit was hit on the sidewalk near the science building. police say it appears the victim and the attacker knew each other. the victim was not a student and had no ties to the university. a sex abuse claim against a
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school district a fifth grade teacher molested a boy at wood side elementary and several faculty members failed to report earlier allegations of abuse. the victim is asking for more than $25,000. martin is in jail facing 91 felony counts of molestation. a close call involving a bus and a train in men low park t broke through a crossing on tuesday morning and drove right across the tracks seconds before the train arrived. and a spokesperson said five people were on the bus and no one was hurt. investigators are looking at video from the bus to figure out what happened. a airlines flight from denver made a safe landing yesterday but that's after blowing a tire a team was ready and web siting as the 737 touched down yesterday afternoon. the pilots reported the plane had a flattened tire in the
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landing gear during takeoff. the plane landed and taxied to the gate with no problems. a crash in newark. and just near 84. this is on the border of newark and free cannot. just to be sure near the border of the cities. watch for the fire department to be in the area here and traffic is going to be a little bit, i think it is in newark. we'll see. it will be slow on approaching 84. let's look at the toll plaza. and moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza all off to a good start. let's go to steve.
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>> we have good news there will be sunshine and in the 60s. and u not much changing. warm to high now that is getting thinner. and pachy fog. more sunshine today a high of 67 and 65. sunny and breezy today. we'll have mostly sunny breezy day here. the system into the north chewed up the fog. a northerly breeze behind it. fairfield and concord a south wind at 15 a breeze to san jose. and hayward. and the breeze is snail place. cooler for some. and 47. and 50. there are some cooler lows and the there are breaks. it will break off sooner. for the longest time it is
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gray, gray, gray. there are breaks in the fog. the main lows it will form off the coast. we can take this out to wednesday and thursday and subtle changes. low clouds and fog. mostly sunny for everyone. cooler but more sunshine on the coast. 60s and 70s. and still these are 85. they are below average a couple of degrees. san jose to 83 and warmer on friday and it looks like a stable pattern otherwise sunny and nice. we'll take you back to that developing story we were telling you about. and we're in antioch now with the latest details and a deadly shooting that happened last night. >> reporter: well as we said earlier very early in the investigation but police have had their investigators out all night trying to get to the bottom of what happened. i want to take you through the scene we're at and what we know
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about what happened. if you look behind me you can see the area is still shutdown to traffic. this is delta fair and a pretty busy road when you talk about the thorough fare through shopping centers here and into residential areas. on the street you can see glass. and it appears that the victims were driving down the street when another car pulled up and started firing hitting both men inside the car. there is another scene though because the victims kept on driving. they went over to summersville road which is a half mile from where we are. they ended up there. that's where they found them. one of the victims died a man from richmond died from a shooting. another man is in critical condition at the hospital. now we don't know what they were dog they do have some
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ties. the other man injured. they're not releasing any more information. a four door vehicle a honda or chevy gold in color. they are putting that out there that maybe someone saw the suspect vehicle. when this happened at night a lot of cars coming in and out of here when this drive by shooting happened. still very early into the investigation we hope to have more information on what the police have found out later today. e-mail, facebook and web searchs claims about another nsa program and the response
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from the white house. an ohio ariel castro. and holding three women hostage for ten years. what else is expected to happen in that courtroom. good morning. traffic on 237 looks good. more about the morning commute ahead.
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5:14. and sentencing day for
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kidnapper ariel castro he helped three -- held three women captive for ten years. prosecutors will tell us more about his daily assaults on amanda berry. michelle knight and gina dejesus. and it is from entries found in diaries they were keeping. they are out to prove that he a monster. he is the worst of the worst. he is a -- the most violent predator that can be offered. the victims will be difference a chance to speak. castro will be giving a long statement about his life saying who he is. it could take up to four hours. and he will be serving life in prison plus a 1000 years that's all part of a plea deal. we have developing news in the case of edward snowden.
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he has left the airport in moscow and entered russia. he just received papers granting him a one year temporary asylum. he has been holed up there for a month. later today a group of lawmakers will head to the white house to sound the alarm about programs. and we're in the washington, dc news room and this comes one day after the head of the nsa says it is not abusing its power. some in congress are not buying the argument and pushing to limit the nsa's authority. and the senator of california joins lawmakers heading to the white house n four hours they will speak with the president about the nsa's program. a senate staffer said the white house initiated the meeting and invited the republicans and democrats from the house and senate. the president's national security team says the programs
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are needed to protect americans. and they pointed to 2012 records saying that it did not attract millions of -- track numbers. >> those reports contained less than 500 numbers. not millions. less than 500. all this happening as details on yet another nsa program are revealed. i'll explain that one to you when i see you next hour. live in washington. 5:17. new this morning a lawyer representing the mayor of san diego ignited the latest controversy in the mayor's sexual harassment scandal. the city should pay the mayor's legal bills as he defends himself against a sexual harassment lawsuit. that's because the mayor never received state required sexual
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harassment training. now the attorney's request came before the council voted to deny the mayor any money for his legal defense. a new development in a political scandal here. two powerful groups are now calling for a supervisor to resign. the last month the police arrested him on suspicion of prowling. the groups say he has shown a pattern of bad choices and bad behavior and time for him to step down. health officials have linked a stomach parasite to a salad mix but they are not saying war it came from. and advocates are demanding that the brand be disclosed. the outbreak has sickened 400 people nationwide and federal health officials say it is too early to know if it is over. some athletes won a round with electronic arts. they can move forward with the
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lawsuit against ea redwood city. they say it has used images in the video games without compensating them. the lawsuit was filed by a man who grew up in san ramon. it will appeal because it used them as new art form and is protected by the first amendment. just about 5:19. let's get everyone moving. are you ready? >> i have an interesting story to tell you, we had a crash. >> right. >> sounds innocent enough. well a vehicle did not want to stop. i'll put this. eastbound at the toll plaza. they were involved in the crash. one took off a witness followed it and the car kept going and finally they caught up with the car at a drive thru. that's where they are talking to the person involved. he went through the drive thru and chp is there it is being
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orted out. let's go out. this is true. as you head out it is moving along as you drive up. cannot make it up. and northbound 280 to 17. that's moving along well. now the question is. what kind of food are they serving. that's curly fries now. jeff knows. >> he doesn't go. we have a nicer forecast for the coast. pardon me. this is cool and we had a below
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normal temperature pattern. you know sunny and breezy. it depends. hit and miss. there will be sun. we'll go 65 for a high that is below average a low up in the pacific northwest and controls the weather as long as that is there. we get the breeze generally speaking. we get more fog and clouds. once you get the temperatures inland in the 80s. it does not support the fog. we had more in the way of a northerly breeze. and it chewed it up. and the low is moving out but a piece of that will hang back over california and northern california. the bay area that will give us a quiet pattern. there is not much going on. and a few degrees that will be the pattern for a while. fog, sun and breezy. say say that because there are clouds. even the coast gets in on the
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temperatures. and going to warm up and less fog today. 47 now. 70 berkeley and oakland that's where they should be. and livermore below average. 76 and santa cruz. nice but not hot. and fog and sunny and near normal to below normal conditions. all the european markets are starting the day today with gains that follows the pattern set by the markets in the far east. and japan's nikkei jumped. and the shanghai up that's after reporting more strength in the manufacturing sector. checking in on our numbers it looks like a good opening. 5:22. a lot of heavy machinery. we'll take you inside the plant where the work is happening now for a permanent fix. look at 'em.
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u welcome back to the morning news. and a permanent fix for the broken bolts on the bridge is well underway. this critical project is taking place miles away from the bridge. and we went inside the plant where the so-called seismic saddles are made. workers are bending three inch steel plates into something that looks like a saddle.
5:26 am
the system will be sealed by a casing to complete the permanent fix. >> you stretch them down and lock them off. and it is a it will never be exposed to water, air or any elements again. it will be fully in place in december. there is a chance that the bridge could open earlier if cal trans adopt as quick-fix that's being tested. >> that's interesting. 5:26. i was paying attention like i pay attention to sal. so far so good, we haven't had anything out there for long. i told you about the accident on the bridge that didn't stay out there for long. one of the vehicles took off and ended up catching up with that person. 280 up to 17. the traffic is moving along okay if you are driving on the sunol grade out of pleasant ton out of san ramon that's a nice drive.
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let's go to steve. >> thank you. a break in some of the low clouds there are pachy low clouds. and not the push. you can see a northerly breeze coming down the coast. 60s. 70s and 80s. a new controversy to the flight 214. the investigation into whether lawyers broke the law when they approached some of the victims. we're live and we're now anyone can walk into a pharmacy and buy the morning after pill. it does not matter how hold you are to prevent pregnancy. we'll explain. and the developing news in antioch police out there searching for a suspect after a deadly shooting last night. [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares.
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. good morning to you welcome back. this is the morning news, 1st of august. 5:30. let's go to steve for a look at weather this morning. you said some sun on the beach. >> not as much fog. and the glows are cooler. sunny and breezy. not getting much of a breeze. but 60s. 70s and 80s. here is sal. traffic is looking good if you are driving over to the high rise it is nice and light. the morning commute is good on
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northbound 101 in san francisco approaching the 80 split. back to the desk. we're following developing news of a shooting that happened last night. and we have been out there since 4:30 this morning. you are back now. what are the police saying about what happened. >> they're piecing this together. they are finishing up their work since we last checked in. and they took down the crime tape and reopen the road back to traffic. this is where it happened and if you take a look on the crete. and you can see the broken glass from the victim's vehicle. from what we have been told, it appears the men were driving down the street someone was behind them and opened fire killing one of them and there is another scene that we want to show you and that is where the victim ended up. they kept driving about half an
5:32 am
-- half a mile away. and at the somerville road north of buchanan. they took the victim to the hospital. he is in critical condition. they started trying to figure out who is responsible. they were able to get a description of the suspect vehicle and were able to give that to us this morning. we have that for you. there it is on the screen. the suspect vehicle as a four door vehicle as a honda or chevy. and on this. and one from richmond that's the one who died and they had tied to antioch, we are not sure if they had family and friends. they say they're trying to
5:33 am
notify family. and it moves away from the scene and trying to figure out what they were doing. and who may have wanted to do them harm. and the threat of another strike. right now it is ticking and the deadline. workers could walk off if there is no deal. talks resume the leaders say they will issue a 72-hour strike notice. >> and other agencies are preparing to pick up the slack. the ferry will launch boats and increase the number from 8 to
5:34 am
13. there will be more ferry runs and landing. and regular bus service. and in case of a strike the premises will be moved. and plans for increased express bus service from san francisco to tell fuss they hope to have an additional service and more ride sharing. for any change in the talks, can you receive alerts on your phone or tablet. can you follow us on twitter and like ktvu or down load the app. the time now is 5:34. the federal government is investigating reports of unethical actions by lawyers in connection with the asiana
5:35 am
crash at sfo. the ntsb says it has received unspecified numbers of reports that some lawyers have been soliciting the victims. a u.s. law prohibits lawyers from speaking out passengers in the first 45 days after a crash. the ntsb says the complaints involve web sites and lawyers personally. one firm is based in chicago. a man and accused of an attack captured by a camera during the pride weekend celebrations. the video we're talking about show as man. a tip led to the arest. and despite that arrest and the district say they do not
5:36 am
feel safe. coming up in ten minutes a forum to a deal. gay marriage became legal in minnesota. and day couples exchanged vows. and same-sex marriage became legal today in rhode island and 13 states, including california, allow gay marriage about the -- with the district of columbia. it will be easier to buy the morning after pill. it is now available without any age restrictions. and we go to san jose and explain that it marks the end of a long battle.
5:37 am
>> reporter: yes, this a 24- hour walgreens. i went inside and they have plan b, the morning after pill. it's in the cosmetics counter. it is available now over the counter to anyone. now girls under the age of 17 will buy it over the counter without any restrictions now. it is used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex if taken after intercourse. the federal government had tried to keep the age restrictions but lost the court battles this year. pharmacies like wall greens have moved plan b out of the pharmacies and on to the shelves and the drug is pricey it ranges between 50-dollars to 70 and. and planned parent hood is in support of the decision to make it available to those under 18. but there are still opponents who are not pleased about the drug's availability.
5:38 am
here at this wall greens it retails for about $54 plus tax. we have not had a chance to talk to customers yet but they said there seems to be a lot of interest and inquiries about plan b. u and trash collection rates are going up in san francisco today. the average cost for three 32- gallon bins jumps from 28- dollars to $34. and the customers can off set that to a smaller bin and a larger 64-gallon recycling bin. that will help the city reach zero waste by the year 2020. monday night the city councilwell consider a plan to stop people from sleeping in their campers. supporters say tell the daily news they are up to 50 vehicles
5:39 am
parked on public streets. critics will rally outside of city hall before that hearing. they say that the plan criminalizes the homeless. let's check in with sal for a look at the commute. we're doing well around the area. nice and early for your commute. can you look at the east shore freeway. that looks good you from driving on 80 westbound getting off to the maze. no problems on 880. and no problems on the san mateo bridge. we're looking at the commutes here. there we go. it is moving along well on 80 westbound. let's go to steve. >> and farther and i used it wrong first. farther is distance. >> i explained why you tossed
5:40 am
to me. >> we have a few breaks. i sweeted out. and the outlook is like what we're having today. quiet. 60s and 70s and 80s. no. we had this looked in here but kind of a below normal pattern here. get to clear lake but san francisco is below average. and it feels cooler. a breeze lands end. a good breeze and not at all. there are breaks. and it is pachy. 46 now.
5:41 am
how about that. a lot of 50s. but the fog was chewed up. low pressure system in the pacific northwest a piece of that will break off and stay here for a while. there will be sun. not a big one but get the sun. everything there is just subtle changes. it may warm up and we cool it down. and sunny. i'm including the coast in that. everyone is in on it today. it will be breezy and windy for 60s, 70s and 80s. 72 a warm up and a ho hum pattern. and you are a tweeter, right. >> here is a question. does the government checking your tweets. the latest conference with twitter and privacy. armed robberies.
5:42 am
why construction sites are turning into crime scenes.
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welcome back some of the top stories at 5:43. investigators want to know what caused an early morning fire in china town. and this morning police are looking for a shooting last night a person and injured. and every the victims were found in a white cadillac. they think the suspect was
5:45 am
driving a gold stored car. and a critical day in the labor dispute. the union leaders will issue a strike notice in today's negotiations. that 72 hour notice could come later today or tomorrow morning. two workers were robbed and beaten at sites. at 5:15 last night two armed men walked up to a site and took the worker's money, wallets and cell phones. they beat them with their gun as one gent off but no one was shot a contractor who did not want to show his face said they are targeted office. they come out.
5:46 am
they target latinos. and they have cash on them. they are searching for the men who robbed the workers. and a tip led to the arrest of an attack during gay pride week. people in the district say they are not doing enough to protect them. that's why he headed up a forum. they handed out whistles. >> i was pushed to the ground. someone was on top of me. i saw a gun. there have been a handful of robbery. there is a warning for diabetes patients who use one brand of
5:47 am
test strips. 62million made by nova diabetes care can give false readings a chemical contaminated the strips and it can give high readings. they are nova max plus test strips and the meter kits if you have one, take the strips back for uncontaminated replacements. the food and drug administration is recalling 50,000 pounds of ground beef because it could be contaminated with e. coli. the cases of 60 pounds of meat sold to retailers and wholesalers around the country. but the food and drug administration is not saying which businesses may have purchased it from the national beef packing tkph-p kansas. police are ask -- packing in kansas.
5:48 am
a investigators say a woman drove away from home in a light blue 2003 mercedes 5 lun hun. she had her dog with her. anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call police. levi will open a new store moving to the south of market area. the store will have a complete inventory of all products and it will be the second store to offer custom made jeans. there will be items made just for the san francisco store by local designers. 5:48. let's go to sal. how we looking? >> okay. we had some earlier issues but now it is clear. let's go out and look at the east shore and the traffic is moving along relatively well here. and we don't have a lot going
5:49 am
on when it comes to traffic crashes. let's take a look at the bay bridge. and the traffic is not all that bad yet. after 6 we see the backups and the metering lights and something to do with the other. to the peninsula, 101, you are doing well. if you are trying to catch a flight. that's a good way to gloat. now let's go to steve. >> good news for those. it looks like fog is pachy. there are breaks. and some sun today. a number pattern. that looks like it will be below normal. low pressure into the north. that's in a cooler upper air pattern that translates into a cooler pattern. we chewed up that fog. there are low clouds. it will not last as long. as far as could you see there was pretty much fog. that's not the case.
5:50 am
santa rosa 46. 40s. had some and a lot of mid-50s. san francisco half moon bay. it is cooler in parts of the city a couple of reports yesterday it was solid. the main low is moving out. and leaving behind another it's not going anywhere for me. and sun along the coast. and a few degrees and it may go for a while. i saw the outlooks it is stable for us here. low clouds sunny and breezy. not too bad for others. a few locations. low to mid80s. and oakland in there. that's normal. 70 this time of year. and cooler than they should be.
5:51 am
and and some subtle changes. >> thank you for that. the labor announced claims fell to the lollest and 326,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits. that's down 19,000 from the week before. and claims are down and the government reports monthly jobs report for july tomorrow. and it could be decided whether martha stewart can be sold at jc penny. macy says it has an exclusive agreement. stewart said she was flabbergasted that it objected to her deal. the number of down loads from google play jumped ahead of down loads from the apple app store. it had 10% more down loads this year. and it has a small lead from
5:52 am
down loads but could change. and 900 million android phones have been activated globally. the extradition sold continues to grow. and something that a lot of people here in the bay area a doing in their cars. do you do it? we're talking about the daily commute and what more drivers are doing and around the state. rushing to preserve a piece of history. will they run out of time? look at 'em.
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good morning some low clouds will burn off mostly sunny by the coast today. time is running out to save partings of a famous ferry. the charles van dam. and preservationists want to move it from its home on bite a new exhibit but they have to raise $45,000 by august 15th because the location is being turned into a park. the public, you will be asked to make locations at an event this coming weekend. and it boosted having a restaurant and nightclub and it attracted musicians that
5:56 am
included janice joplin. twit ser getting more ask for information and the united states dominates the data requests. the u.s. asked for information on almost 900 twitter users during the first six months of the year. that's 75% of all the requests. governments want the mail addresses tied to a twitter account. george zimmerman is making headlines after being stop ford speeding in texas. nowhere in particular. why do you stay?
5:57 am
>> the officer kuking the stop in texas apparently did not recognize zimmerman even after he asked him if he knew who he was. he admitted to being armed during the stop and told to put his gun in the glove compartment. he was let off with a warning. and a california commute survey found more than half of the bay area workers degreive to work alone -- drive to work alone. and it indicates that 16% used public transportation. 14% car pool and 5% ride bikes but the number of commuters driving alone has actually dropped a lot from 10 years ago. however there has been a big increase in public transportation use. getting close to the 6:00 hour. let's check in on the commute. i'm talking about chain stores here. the traffic is doing well. i have been looking at one thing, though, that's a look at the toll plaza area here. and on my monitor. we have not had a backup yet.
5:58 am
and the sunol grade, traffic is good. passing mission boulevard. 5 # 0 traffic coming in from livermore is doing well. this may be the calm before the storm or we may have a good day. i hope for the latter. and let's go back to you. we have breaking news now coming from the south bay a woman assaulted near the campus of santa clara university. the search for her attacker that is happening now. the sentencing for arier castro going on now. we're going inside -- ariel castro going on now. who will speak in court and what they will reveal. >> bart strike could be a few days away.
5:59 am
6:00 am
news. we have breaking news. bart workers will rally today as word of a strike becomes more of a reality. and just minutes from now the sentencing hearing for the convicted kidnapper who held three women ca